We’re going to change gears as we head on to Mexico with the girls (our folding bicycles) in tow for a Tour de la Fiestas Mexicanas! For years I’ve wanted to spend a fall in Mexico touring some of the celebrations which are so iconic to Mexico. We figured that this year would be an especially pertinent time in Mexico as the Mayan Calendar winds down and celebrations take on a particular sense of urgency in the face of the potential end of the world.

We spent the summer biking and sailing in and around the Puget Sound, backpacking around Mt. Rainier on the incredible Wonderland Trail, and preparing for our trip to Mexico and beyond. Our goal in this blog is to put together helpful, well written, and insightful blog entries and articles about some of the most remarkable places we can think of to visit. In this next chapter we’ll be visiting the beautiful colonial city of Guanajuato for Cervantino Festival, the largely indigenous Purapecha community around the town of Patzcuaro for Dia de los Muertos, and the Ancient Mayan temples of the Yucatan Peninsula for the winter solstice and the end of the Mayan calendar. We’ll interrupt these festivities by taking a month, starting mid November, to go to a country that starts with a C and rhymes with ‘tuba,’ let’s just call it Canada, where we’ll bike the country end to end. If the world spins on then we’ll enjoy a very Mexican Navidad before trying our luck crewing on ships in the Caribbean.

Now before you all think that we’re just a couple of party tourists let me just say… yeah! Mexicans love a good party and we’re going to be right there along with them. But celebrations in Mexico are so much more then just an excuse to party. They are a celebration of life and such a part of the people and culture as to be indistinguishable. Moreover, each festival represents a very different element of Mexico from the modern arts festival Cervantino, the ancient and colonially adopted Dia De Los Muertos, and the finale of the very ancient 5,126 year old Mayan calendar.

Since you can not sail into the heart of Mexico and cycling is for those a little more suicidal than us, I guess this part of the journey is going to be mostly about the love we have for this amazing vibrant country. We hope you enjoy.


Brent and Annelisa


One Response to Welcome

  1. Mary Jo says:

    I Love reading about your adventures! And photos are perfect illustration to the stories. Sounds like you are off to a fabulous start! love, Mjo/Mom

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