The Rest of Our Sailing and Biking Adventure

July 27th- August 4th

Shortly after our trip to Victoria, we met up with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and mom Ganges.  Ganges is a terrific town with a great Saturday Farmer’s Market, local artists, public marina, and lots of other small town island charm.  I will blow through the rest of our trip in this one post because at this point our trip became more relaxing, lazy, and less adventurous.  No less enjoyable but perhaps not quite as notable in this format.  This excludes those who are new mothers sailing with babies and anyone interested in the dynamics of cramming six people onto one small Catalina 27.

Nathaniel, Marea, and One-year old Jack

Back to Ganges and one of the real gems of the gulf islands, the Tree House Cafe is a great breakfast and dinner joint which boasts of one hundred eleven consecutive nights of live music during the summer.  To our pleasure, we were in town for Shane Philip, who we discovered to be a guitar playing, drum banging, didgeridoo blowing musical genius.  We bought two albums and Annelisa hasn’t stopped listening to them since.

After Ganges we sailed to Wallace Island Marine Park, Montague Harbor, Portland Island, and then to Sucia back on The States side.  These are all wonderful marine parks and include three out of my five favorite anchorages in the San Juan and Gulf Islands.  Our biggest adventure through this period was our attempt at rock climbing on the island cliffs on Galliano Island and Sucia.  I would consider this attempt to be marginally to mostly successful and we will definitely explore more in the future.  We did some top-roping as well as deep water soloing, with varying results.  The rock is mostly sandstone with lots of flakes pulling off, but was otherwise challenging and fun.

Brent deep-water bouldering near Wallace Island.

It was a hugely successful family sailing adventure and left us dreaming of a time when we might ‘run away’ to the San Juan and Gulf Islands, raising babies on a sailboat and living one of our ultimate Monday-Friday dreams.

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