Cowichan Valley Wine Tour


Riding through the farmlands

Today we rode our bikes through the Cowichan Valley which proudly proclaims to be the warmest region in all of Canada as well as the main wine region of Western British Columbia. We began the day by catching the Brentwood Bay ferry to Mill Bay where we rode up the coastal road toward Cowichan.

We made a lovely route through the afternoon visiting Unsworth Vinyards, Merridale Cidery, Silverside Winery, Cherry Point Estates, and Enrico Winery. What made the tour really special was the diversity of the wines we tried. Our favorite hands down was the Pinot Gris at Unsworth, which screamed summer on the terrace (or the verandah, or under the pergola, or wherever wealthy people enjoy wine.) Meanwhile Silverside Winery had an array of berry wines that were superb, Merridale had apple ciders and brandies, Cherry Point had a great blackberry desert and port wine, and Enrico was fantastic all around.

We made a great loop on country roads that were overall easy going through beautiful farmland. After a bottle of wine and delicious platter at Cherry Point we rode back to the ferry feeling quite tipsy and fell asleep on the crossing back to Brentwood Bay.


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