Gardens and Fireworks

We sailed down the Saanich Inlet to Brentwood Bay and Todd Inlet, home of the resplendent Butchart Gardens. Todd Inlet lies just a short walk from the gardens through Goland Todd Park which is a fantastic provincial park hugging the southeast shores of the Saanich Inlet. Trust me when I say that it's best to make it to the gardens on a Saturday in order to catch the weekly fireworks display that takes place throughout the summer.

If you are yet to visit Butchart Gardens then you are missing a real treat. Walking through the Canadian Heritage Site I found myself wishing that all wealthy people could be so classy as Mrs Butchart. There are four main gardens: the Japanese Gardens, the Italian Gardens, the Rose Gardens, and most notably, the Sunken Gardens. Picture displays show the transformation of this old depleted limestone quarry into the verdant gardens with an impossible array of seasonal flowers. Furthermore, there are lovely green spaces, trees, views of the water, and much more than I can detail here.

We walked the gardens as the sun edged out of the sky and colored lamps began to light up the gardens for their night tour. In the spirit of the gardens, Annelisa and I indulged in ice cream and rode the carousel. I mounted a handsome deer while Annelisa rode at my side on a confused looking cat with a mouse in her mouth.

I didn't know what to expect from the wireworks display. It was not the Forth of July and I was in a country which still had the Queen of England printed on their money. Would their benevolent monarch stand for such pyrotechnics? Evidently she would because the show was stupendous. Great ground and ariel shows were cleverly timed to both comical and dramatic music which built to an impressive finale. I'm sure this is the best fireworks display one can find on the North American continent on a day other than the Fourth of July.


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