Surprise at Turn Point Lighthouse

On one final stop before we head into Canada, we anchored at Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island whose exceptionally well protected anchorage makes for a fantastic if very popular boating destination. We hiked out to the Turn Point Lighthouse on the northwest tip of the island and marveled at the tangles of kelp looking like spaghetti off the jutting reef.

Feeling tired and somewhat let down we began our hike back to our boat where we planned to siesta for the rest of the day. Then Annelisa a heard distinct whoosh of air coming from the water. So we rushed to the edge of a cliff overlooking Haro Strait and sure enough an Orca and her calf were cruising along the shore just below us. From our overhead vantage we could see them swimming underwater, their white bellies turning upwards as they swam in a playful manor.

Shortly after we heard more blow holes and then ten to twelve orcas rounded the bend and began making their slow way before us. Perched on the cliffs above we wrung our fingers with excitement and marveled as they swam before us. The following video says it all:


It was an amazing treat and viewing whales in their natural state from a beautiful bluff rather than a parade of loud motoring whale watching tours, is certainly one of the most special experiences one can have up here in the Northwest.

Orca off Turn Point


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