Cycling up Mount Constitution on Orcas Island.

Conquering Mt. Constitution was a goal Annelisa had long since held out as only fit for the 'cycling elite.' It is the tallest mountain in the San Juans and at 2,400 feet over five miles it is somewhat daunting but all together doable. After some convincing and a demonstration of how slow one can actually move up a hill on a bicycle I persuaded Annelisa to give it a try. We set out from West Beach Resort where we anchored after the treasure hunt with the kiddos the day before. Orcas is probably the most popular of the San Juan Islands and our route, thirty miles round trip, goes along the main thoroughfare across the island. Never the less, it's hard to find an island road which is anywhere near when busy compared with reasonable mainland standards.

Biking through Moran State Park

We set out on Enchanted Forest road through the town of East Sound and on to Moran State Park. Until this point the hills are rolling and you're rarely without a view of the water. Yet as you reach Moran Park you are suddenly greeted with what appears to be alpine lakes, mountains, and dense pine trees. It's a switch back slog all the way to the top, but once you are there it's terrifically worthwhile. It's certainly the best ariel shot of the San Juans and having made it up on bicycle makes the view feel that much more triumphant.

Mt. Constitution summit

We went screaming down the mountain and back to West Beach where we lit the cannon to discharge the reamaining fireworks in anticipation of heading into Canada the next day.

Kayaking the bikes home


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