Taking off. Or how to outfit for emissionless travel.

Loading up The Girls

Pulling out of the Marina I am outfitted as such: Beautiful 27 foot Catalina sailboat sporting a bike rack with two road bikes and towing a two person kayak. We continue to be a pragmatic couple and our choice of transportation is more of a calculation then any allegiance to a specific recreation. A sailboat is best means of moving about your home, a bicycle is the most efficient means of land travel, and a kayak kicks the crap out of any dingy that I have ever seen… just sayin'.

Setting sail with our new Spinnaker

This summer we're going to see how many miles we can get on the least amount of gas, and we'll keep a running tally. I had to fill up the tanks this morning which puts us at 7 gallons in, and we'll see when I gas up next. We're planning to sail on the tides and with fresh wind, otherwise we'll beat rubber, paddles, or something else cheap and easy.

Internet will be spotty so anyone reading these posts will get used to a slew of postings when I have internet and then it will likely be dry until the next 'wifi.' So I'm writing this morning before I'm off and away from Everett on a flood tied up the Saratoga Passage to Deception Pass and the San Juan Islands.


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