Welcome to Wind Love & Pedal Power

Welcome to Wind, Love, & Pedal Power.

Let us throw out the goal for this blog: We’re hoping that first and foremost this will be a useful tool for anyone with similar aspirations to see beautiful places under their own power and volition. Therefore, we’re going to be putting together article quality pieces about notable parts of our trip as we travel primarily by means of wind, love, and pedals in the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Cuba, the Caribbean and beyond. This is a blog for anyone who loves traveling and likes to go about it slowly, deliberately, and with as little impact as possible. Yet we should note that we are not complete purists (except for the love part.) So if we take a plane or hop on the bus in order to move along our adventures, then you’ll just have to forgive us.

Before we get to the articles we would like to introduce the cast of characters. ‘We’ are Brent Swartz and Annelisa Tornberg, a couple of Northwesterners who, after working as nurses and living in our three hundred square foot Seattle studio, have saved enough money to take off for a year. We are joined by La Fortuna, our lovely Catalina 27 sailboat and current home, as well ‘as the girls’, two rather corroded Montague folding bicycles whom we rescued out of a dingy garage in Shelton, WA. We should mention that we are open to the possibility of improving our wheels, so do drop us a line if you know of any affordable or donatable folding cycles out there.

Our plan is simple enough- to explore remarkable places primarily under our own power. We hope our journey is compelling enough to insight your interest and some adventures of your own. We’re going to start by lashing a bike rack and ‘the girls’ to the aft stansions on La Fortuna in search of the best that the San Juan Islands, Gulf Islands, and Vancouver Island have to offer. In October we’re going to take our trip international, starting a “Tour de Festivals” in Mexico where we’ll cover Cervantino Festival, Dia De Los Muertos, and Celebracion de la Revolucion. When hurricane season winds down at the end of November we will ship over to Cuba and cycle the island end to end. With some luck we’ll then go island hopping throughout the caribbean crewing on boats making island rounds. Eventually, and who knows how long it will take, we’ll dock in Venezuela and carry on from there.

We’re setting out to travel like this because let’s face it- wind, love, and pedals are cheaper than fuel and combustion engines. But more than this, it’s hard to travel under cycles and sails and not develop a sincere reverence for moving under your own power. Of course we love and value our environment and thus we live simply, tread lightly, and this is not a value exclusive to traveling. We strive for this goal whenever and wherever we are, whether working as nurses and living our urban lives in Seattle, or when we’re on the road or at sea. But as I said, we are not purists and frankly, we travel the slow road because it’s simply the best god damn way to travel… and we couldn’t afford it otherwise.

Thanks for your interest. We’re looking forward to getting on with it and we’ll see you down the road.

Brent and Annelisa.

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